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Copper magnetic bracelets – The use and side effects


Copper has great medicinal qualities. The use of copper as medicine has been well documented in the Chinese as well as Egyptian scriptures. Hence, you have the concept of copper magnetic bracelets serving as the perfect cure for joint pains like arthritis. How does copper help in this cause? Let us look these benefits in brief.

Copper has a history of reducing joint inflammation and easing pain. The best aspect of using copper is that it is universally useful unless you have a basic allergy towards the metal. Copper does not cause any side effects otherwise.

Copper bracelets can be useful in other ways as well. These are the benefits of using copper for medicinal use.

Joint stiffness:

People with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis benefit a great deal when they use copper bracelets. The copper content in these bracelets is absorbed by the skin in minute quantities. This copper helps in the regrowth of the joint cartilage that is otherwise lost during arthritis. The loss of this cartilage is the principal reason behind the pain associated with arthritis. The regrowth of this cartilage helps in reducing the pain. People have doubts whether wearing the bracelets on the wrists can help in loosening the joints elsewhere in the body. Studies have shown that it is possible because the magnetic field exerted by the bracelets has an overall effect on the body.  

Joint Pain:

Copper has great antioxidant along with anti-inflammatory properties. Hence, you find great use for copper in removing the toxins from the affected area. Magnet therapy is also useful in this regard. Therefore, you find copper bracelets embedded with magnets being used to relieve joint pain.   

Supplementation of minerals:

Copper is absorbed in traces by the skin. Therefore, people with copper deficiency can resort to wearing copper bracelets. They provide a long term solution to this deficiency. The advantage of absorbing this mineral through the skin is that the mineral directly goes into the blood stream without having to go through the liver. This is beneficial to the liver as it reduces the load on the liver.  

The side effects of copper:

People have often complained that copper leaves green stains on the skin. The scientific reason is very simple. Copper does not leave any stains. The skin is not always pure. It has traces of soaps, lotions, creams, and shampoos, etc. The chemicals in these materials reach with copper and cause the greenish tinge on the skin.

Many people believe that copper is poisonous. Copper is not at all poisonous though some compounds of copper such as copper sulphate definitely is. Secondly, our skin does not absorb copper in large quantities to cause toxicity. The skin absorbs copper in traces. This absorption is necessary for the regrowth of the joint cartilages. Thus, you see copper playing a big role in reducing the pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis.  

It is very easy to embed the magnets inside copper rings. This is one of the best benefits of using copper as a health supplement in a different way.

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